Welcome to Aspen Hill Gundogs!

Aspen Hill Gundogs is run by Jeremy, Melanie, Austin and Logan Steinle and based in the prairies of southwest Minnesota.  We believe in raising versatile gun dogs that are proven performers in the field along with being of sound temperament in the home. 

Our dogs will be tested in AKC hunt tests along with NAVHDA tests.  These formats test the key elements we look for when evaluating if a dog is worthy of breeding.  We feel advanced titles from recognized organizations show a commitment towards breeding quality dogs.  As important as we feel testing is, it is not the only thing we look at when putting together a breeding.  We put dogs together who have positive qualities that complement each other.  We will never breed two dogs out of convenience or because it looks good on paper.  We strive to produce the best bird dog possible, one that has true "Dual Champion" qualities.  Like our motto says, "We believe in breeding better bird dogs by doing what is right, not what is easy."

Our dogs also will also have health clearances including OFA evaluations for hip and elbow dysplasia and CERF eye testing.  We will be glad to provide documentation of these tests.

Jeremy and Melanie Steinle
1266 100th Ave.
Hadley, MN 56151
"Breeding better bird dogs by doing what is right, not what is easy"