Jeremy and Melanie Steinle
1266 100th Ave.
Hadley, MN 56151
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Thunderhead's Blazing Comet NA1 UT3
5/2/08 ~ 12/23/15
Halley was a dog that meant so much to us and this page was created with a lot of tears, remembering so many good times, frustrating times and results that were always worth the effort that she put in.  Halley was one of the most regal, most loyal and most loving dogs we have owned.  Her extreme prey drive tested us at times, but her loving personality and that magic off switch that she had when work time was done made up for any challenges she presented us.  Halley produced 28 puppies in 4 litters.  Her 1st litter, bred by Tom Immel, earned a NAVHDA Breeder's Award for Natural Ability.  Her last litter we produced with Standing Stone's Gun for Hire MH NA1 UT2 also earned a NAVHDA Breeder's Award for Natural Ability.  Halley herself earned a NAVHDA NA Prize 1 and a UT Prize 3.  Halley left us far too early and will be greatly missed.  We hope to carry on her legacy through her pups and to solidify her mark on the German Shorthaired Pointer breed.  I had intended on a couple pictures for this page, but going through them I felt more were needed to show how much she meant to us.  Please click on the thumbnails for larger images.
Top Gun Lady Daysha MH
9/3/05 ~ 10/13/18
Daysha was the dog that got everything started for us.  She came to us at 5 years old when she went from guiding professional athletes and celebrities on preserves in southern Iowa.  With the help of our friends Jeff Chapman and Scott Barron, she finished her AKC Master Hunter title and then went on to be the most badass wild bird dog I've ever seen in southwest Minnesota.  Daysha was not what anyone would call stylish or pretty on point.  She was slower than the high powered dogs that I prefer.  Daysha flat out got it done though.  I would stack her next to any lab on waterfowl and everyone who hunted over her knew how lethal she was on wild pheasants.  Daysha was 13 years old when she left us on opening day of pheasant season in 2018.  She had tried to sneak out the door to go with me, but the years had worn down her body and she just couldn't do it anymore.  Had I known it was going to be her last day with us, I suppose I would have let her go anyway.  We had 2 litters, totaling 19 puppies with Daysha, producing several hunt test titled dogs.  Most of all, we will miss the sweet, loving Daysha Doo who greeted and loved everyone that walked in the door.  She really loved you if you gave her something to fetch.