Aspen Hill Diamond Jo MH
Jo is owned by our son Austin.  She is an athletic, stylish and fun dog.  Jo is one of the most naturally talented dogs we have seen.  In the house she is friendly and affectionate. In the field, she is a gentelman's gun dog.  Jo hunts at a close to medium range, points with style, is steady to wing, shot, fall and delicately retrieves to hand.  She honors with the same style that she points with.  Jo has received her AKC Master Hunter title.  Jo is retired from breeding and enjoys soaking up the sun on the couch and continues to be a valuable wild bird dog in the upland fields.
Jeremy and Melanie Steinle
1266 100th Ave.
Hadley, MN 56151
(507) 350-9573
Countryside Hustlen Jake Junior SH
If you are looking for a throwback to Hustler, you have found it here.  Jake is an exceptional dog and was bred with the intent to showcase the traits that Hustler was best known for. Jake is driven, hard charging and one of the most stylish dogs you will see.  On top of that, he is cooperative, affectionate and a perfect gentleman in the house.  He has the best temperament we have ever seen in a dog. Jake is a pure pleasure to have around.  Jake is available for stud to approved females. Contact us for further info.

Hips:         OFA Excellent

Elbows:     OFA Normal


Hips:         OFA Good

Elbows:     OFA Normal

Aspen Hill Rocket Rita
Rita is an up and coming star here at Aspen Hill.  Rita is a granddaughter of Halley and we see the same insane bird drive in her that we saw in Halley.  Rita is stylish, fast and retrieves naturally to hand.  She has already impressed us hunting wild pheasants in Minnesota and we are excited for what the future holds.  Rita is very close to ready for AKC Master Hunter tests and should be running them in 2020.  We also have a couple of exciting litters planned for her.

​Hips: PennHip LH .29 RH .31

​Elbows: OFA Normal

Thyroid: OFA Normal
Aspen Hill Say When
Doc is our newest prospect pup and our vision for the future of Aspen Hill Gun Dogs.  I have said over and over that if I could clone Jake, I would.  Well Doc might not be a clone, but he is shaping up to accomplish as much or more than his dad.  Doc has the exact temperament we are looking for.  He is full bore in the field and a gentleman in the house.  As you can see, he points with extreme style and has exceptional conformation.  Our plans with Doc include doing anything and everything he is capable of.  He will start with a NAVHDA Natural Ability test this fall and then hopefully move on to the AKC show ring.  If he shows he has what it takes, we will try to chase that DC title and get him running field trials.  Then it will be on to MH and UT tests.  Doc is the perfect example of what we are trying to produce in a dog.  We look forward to great things for him.