Jeremy and Melanie Steinle
1266 100th Ave.
Hadley, MN 56151
(507) 350-9573
Training - CURRENTLY FULL FOR 2018
Puppy Program
~approximately 6 weeks
Introduction to birds. Pigeons, pigeons and more pigeons
Proper introduction to gun fire. If it doesn’t include birds, it’s not proper
Collar conditioning.  Getting used to and excited to be wearing an e-collar
Water enthusiasm. Using bumper drive and to encourage strong water desire

Gun Dog Program
~approximately 8 weeks
More birds.  Building drive, encouraging steadiness, draw out natural retrieve
Obedience.  Here, heel and whoa.  
Collar conditioning. Overlaying the e-collar to already known commands.
Water work.  Enthusiastically swimming, retrieving from water, duck search
Gun Shy Fix
~time dependent on dog and severity
Building insane bird drive
Creating a positive association
Slow, incremental reintroduction

We understand that no 2 dogs are the same and custom tailor our training to fit your dog's needs.  We currently offer 3 programs for dogs just getting started in their training.  Contact us to discuss your training goals and needs.