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VC Sharp Shooters Man in Black MH x Aspen Hill Diamond Jo MH
Our 2017 Breeding is an exciting one and should produce exactly what we are striving for in versatility, style and cooperation.  Jo will be bred to VC Sharp Shooter's Man in Black MH in March with puppies expected on the ground in May.  

Cash is owned by Clyde and Marilyn Vetter of Sharp Shooter's Kennel.  He is the #1 producing sire of NAVHDA Breeder's Award litters.  His accomplishments as a sire speak for themselves.  Cash is a fast, hard charging, stylish dog.  He also is cooperative and confident.  We strive to produce dogs with a natural love for water and Cash most certainly has and throws that trait into his pups.  Cash's PennHip scores are LH .26 and RH .33.  He has a normal bite, normal eyes and a dense, medium harsh coat.

Jo is athletic, stylish and has a great personality.  She is fun to watch in the field.  She has completed her AKC Master Hunter title.  Jo was very cooperative in training and it didn't take much pressure to finish that MH title.  Pups from Jo's previous litters are looking very promising and we believe this breeding will produce the same results.  Jo's hips are OFA Good and her elbows are OFA Normal.  She has a normal bite, normal eyes and medium dense, medium harsh coat.

Puppies are priced at $1750 and a $200 deposit is required to hold pick order. 
Puppy Policies:

We are proud of our American Armed Services and as a thank you for service to our country, we offer military discounts. When inquiring about a puppy, please let us know what branch you served in so we can properly thank you.  

A $200 deposit is required to hold litter pick order.  After your litter is born, we require an additional $500 deposit within 1 week of the pup's birthdate.  The balance is then paid upon delivery.  If the pup is to be shipped, that payment is due when the puppy is 7 weeks of age.  Deposits and any payments towards a puppy are non-refundable.  If you are unable to take a puppy from the breeding you had originally placed a deposit on, the deposit will be transferred to a different breeding.  We do not guarantee certain markings.  If the sex requested is not available, we may refund the deposit or transfer it to another litter.  

We guarantee our puppies against genetic defects.  We conduct health testing on our dogs and do everything we can to produce 100% healthy, happy pups.  We do realize though that as much as we try, there may be things that are beyond our control.  In the event that a dog has a genetic defect that is verified by one of our approved veterinarians, we will replace the puppy from the next available breeding of equal quality.  In order to receive replacement, the puppy with the genetic defect must be returned.  If you wish to keep the puppy with the defect, replacement will be made at 50% of the price on the new puppy.  Approved veterinarians are Dr. Jenn Reith and Dr. Connie McNab of the Slayton Veterinary Medical Center and Dr. Marie Buschschulte of Brockway-Brown Veterinary Clinic in Tracy, MN.
Late Fall 2017 Litter
Turtle Creek You Don'T Know Jax NA-2 x Aspen Hill Star Bellatrix
We have added another great breeding for 2017 of a fantastic up and coming dog in Jax and Stella, a dog we produced out of our 2013 breeding between Countryside Show and Go Cooper MH and Thunderhead's Blazing Comet NA1 UT3.  

Jax is owned by Andy Cooper in Oklahoma.  He is out of Rick Hopkin's DC Int Ch RU AKC Nat'l WGDC Gamble's Benny the Jet MH VCX and Demi vom Stillwater.  Jax currently has 2 SH passes, but is ready to be run in MH and should easily finish that in the upcomingd year.  He earned a prize 2 in his NAVHDA Natural Ability test with a score of 103.  Jax's PennHip scores are LH .28 and RH being reevaluated due to being unable to read x-ray.  Vet does believe it is as good or better than the RH.  OFA eyes and cardiac are clear.  He has a normal bite, and dense, medium harsh coat.

Stella is full of prey drive and has the same calm, regal temperament that her mother Halley had. She has a beautiful, stylish point and runs a field hard.  I trained Stella here and she also received additional professional training.  She showed that she will be a fine hunting partner.  Stella's hips are OFA Excellent and her elbows are OFA normal.  She has a normal bite, normal eyes and medium dense, medium harsh coat.

Puppies are priced at $1200 and a $200 deposit is required to hold pick order. 
Late Fall 2017 Litter